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Teacher acquitted in slapping allegation – The privacy dilemma

Blackburn Magistrates

The reports of a local teacher being acquitted of hitting one of his pupils, calls into question again the way that our court cases are reported. The name and picture of the teacher, who has been in teaching for many years, was ... Read More »

Bus Station set to cover part of old market site in Blackburn

Blackburn Old Market

With the news today in the Lancashire Telegraph that a new bus station is to be built on part of the site of the former market, we want your opinions about this move. The new 14 stand £5m bus station ... Read More »

Psychic Sally Morgan returns to Blackburn – Do you believe?

sally morgan

Sally Morgan is one of Britain’s best know psychics and regularly filled large concert halls months in advance. Her show in Blackburn on Wednesday 2nd May 2012 still has tickets available (around 130 when last checked) so could still be a full ... Read More »

Massive Supermarket on the way to Blackburn Town Centre? Will Local Traders Survive?

Blackburn Old Market

According to reports in the Lancashire Telegraph today, Blackburn with Darwen Council want discussions with an unnamed proposed purchaser of the former Blackburn market site. The site, which closed last year when the market was relocated to a new development ... Read More »

Blackburn with Darwen Council – Do they want thriving businesses or not?

El Greco Blackburn

Following the report in the LT about a dispute between the owner of El Greco‘s cafe on Church Street, where he reports that Blackburn with Darwen Council have insisted that he remove a temporary gazebo that provides cover for some ... Read More »

A Year in the Life of Blackburn – 2011 – Opinion

Blackburn News from Blackburn Life

What are your Blackburn highlights and low points of 2011? What are your hopes for 2012? Here are a couple from Blackburn Life. A major topic of discussion and debate amongst many this year has been the fortunes, or lack of them, ... Read More »

Market Taxi Rank is hindering Traffic and Custom in Blackburn


Following the opening of the new Blackburn Market, it appears to have been very much an afterthought to create a taxi rank outside on Church Street. The small area, which has valuable parking spaces for customers to nip into the ... Read More »

Blackburn Out of Town Shopping Centres – Who Wins?

Whitebirk Proposals

With the announcement of Peel Holding’s plans to revitalise Whitebirk and apply to relax the planning rules imposed on the site, so that they can sell a wider range of goods and therefore attract more retail stores and Tesco’s proposal ... Read More »

Blackburn Nightlife – Is Blackburn finally dead after 5pm?

Blackburn Life Opinion – Blackburn Nightlife Following the news story that the former Cheers Bar on King William Street has had their licence revoked following an appalling range of alcohol related violence and under-age drinking, is this the end for ... Read More »

Thwaites to leave Blackburn Town Centre and Sainsbury’s Move In?

It is reported in the LT that Thwaites are searching for alternative sites and are likely to move out of Blackburn Town Centre in the next few years. Thwaites appear to have come to an agreement with supermarket giant Sainsbury’s ... Read More »

On street parking charges killing local business in Blackburn?

Dave Harling, of Blackburn with Darwen Council is reported in the Lancashire Telegraph to have said  that parking income was important to the town hall, especially with funding cuts. He also said: “Clearly we don’t want to put companies out of business.” ... Read More »

Grays to scale back in Blackburn after 91 years of trading – Time for a radical plan!

Grays will close its Penny Street shop and stop selling menswear and womenswear as part of the closure and demolition of the market site. They will retain the smaller Northgate shop which sells school uniforms. It would seem that they ... Read More »

Lancashire Telegraph renamed Nick Clegg’s party as the Lib Dam’s!

In the printed edition of the Lancashire Telegraph, the report about the new mayor for Blackburn with Darwen, stated Karimeh Foster belonged to the Lib Dam Party. A Freudian slip perhaps! Read More »

Blackburn University. Really?

Blackburn college are to apply for their own ability to validate degrees. This could be the first step in the College becoming an independent university. The degrees that the college currently offer are validated by other universities. Principal Ian Clinton ... Read More »

Disabled Parking Spaces – Do we need ‘Lazy Person’ parking bays?

Disabled parking holders get a lot of bad press, but I continue to be amazed at two aspects of the scheme and its abuse. I am not a badge holder and it never really used to bother me who was ... Read More »

Non-story of the day! Mum blasts Blackburn Rovers’ club owners.

For the avid readers of the Lancashire Telegraph, today’s story about Venkys, the owners of Blackburn Rovers, failing to deliver on a promise to a young fan, must count as one of the best non-stories featured recently. That is unless ... Read More »

Cost of public projects – Are they out of control?

Following some of the recent news about projects either underway or about to start in Blackburn, do the cost of these projects just seem excessive? Here are some of the most recent: £1.7m for adding a cover to platform 4 ... Read More »

Too many degrees or too few jobs?

Blackburn butcher, Doug Ewens, has had applications from law graduates for an assistant role on Blackburn market paying barely above minimum wage. He had 235 applications for the apprentice role including out of work managers and surveyors. Mr Ewens, 43, said ... Read More »

Sunday Opening – Remember When?

Seeing that most large stores have to close, by law, on Easter Sunday, do you enjoy the peace and quiet? Shopping seems to have become a national pastime. Who remembers Sundays before the shops were allowed to open? Are we ... Read More »

Blackburn Market – The Future


We are approaching the closure of the ‘old’ market in Blackburn as the prospects of the ‘new’ market underneath the Mall is as yet unknown, although we hope it thrives, as Blackburn surely needs this. What are the options for the old ... Read More »

Public Art in Blackburn – Your nominations for the best and worst

What is the best and worst public art in Blackburn? To get the ball rolling, one of the worst must be the metal tree at Whitebirk which has now been hidden by trees and mounds of earth. What a shame ... Read More »