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Blackburn’s Traffic Lights are an on and off affair

Confused about the recent short report regarding the traffic lights at the junction of Eanam, Salford and Cicely Lane, right next to the entrance to Morrison’s supermarket being switched back on? The area appears to have been a traffic jam free zone …

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Disabled Parking Spaces – Do we need ‘Lazy Person’ parking bays?

Disabled parking holders get a lot of bad press, but I continue to be amazed at two aspects of the scheme and its abuse. I am not a badge holder and it never really used to bother me who was …

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Blackburn’s Road System – Pure Madness?

Think back to the days when you could actually drive into Blackburn and bring business to the shops and services in the town centre. What a wonderful time it was! You could drive up (and down!) Church Street and even …

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