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BBC Panorama Documentary – Is it a fair view of Life in Blackburn?


BBC Panorama are broadcasting a documentary on the Shadsworth Estate in Blackburn tonight.

There have been accusations that the estate is being misrepresented and that the film crew misled people about the filming process.

Blackburn Life are inviting you to make your comments as you watch the programme and after. We propose to send all comments to the BBC for a response.

The programme is entitled “Trouble on the Estate” and the BBC describe the programme as follows:

“Drugs, anti-social behaviour, family break-ups and joblessness: all part of life on Britain’s poorest housing estates. Filming with families, kids and police, as well as undercover with drug dealers, Panorama spent months on one estate in Blackburn finding out what it’s like to live and grow up there.

“There’s eight-year-old Oshi who is desperate to see his dad after a two year absence. Jordan, who at only 15, is threatening to leave his family home because of the trouble and 20-year-old Jessie, whose behaviour frightens other residents and keeps landing him in prison.

“Richard Bilton asks, is this really a picture of ‘Broken Britain’ – a place at the edge of where the state can make a difference?”

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