Blackburn Rovers’ Supporters cheeky video from Cathedral pulpit

blackburn cathedral video
Blackburn Rovers Supporters cheeky video from Cathedral pulpit website Tell Steve investment trust faith Cathedral Blackburn Rovers Blackburn Cathedral Almighty Rovers advert

The pulpit at Blackburn Cathedral has been used in a cheeky advert published by the Blackburn Rovers‘ Supporters Investment Trust on their website.

The advert features a preacher in full cathedral regalia preaching from the carved pulpit to the congregation.

Where you would normally expect to hear teachings from the bible, the “preacher” asks people to pledge their faith to the Almighty Rovers after assuring the congregation that the roof has been fixed. In a cheeky twist to the campaign the preacher says, “and for heaven’s sake, don’t tell Steve”.

The trust have also issued more videos with the “Don’t Tell Steve” theme.

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