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Do you want to be a Blackburn Life contributor?


As we continue to grow, we are looking for people who are passionate about local issues. It could be sport, history, current affairs, photography or anything that has a local connection.

Would you love to be able to publish your stories on the web, but don’t want the additional work of maintaining a website?

Blackburn Life are inviting people to apply to be writers for our successful website, twitter feed and facebook page.

So if you want to be the Blackburn Rovers editor, the local history editor, the political editor or anything else, just apply now. All we ask is that you submit regular stories to Blackburn Life (it could be daily, weekly or monthly) about your chosen subject. We ask is that they are not defamatory and do not contain inappropriate language.

Blackburn Life will, in most cases, publish every article you submit but reserve the right to alter, format and edit the articles as it sees fit. Submitting an article does not guarantee publication.

We may also publish your profile under the authors’ section, but this can be under a pseudonym or nickname to protect your privacy if you wish.

To join our team, please email editor@blackburnlife.com with your name, email address and the subject you would like to cover and a brief outline of why you have chosen the subject. Blackburn Life will get back to you.

If you are accepted as an author, you will be given your own personal email address to submit your stories.

You have nothing to lose, so why not join us now?

The Blackburn Life news, comment and opinion section is run on a voluntary basis with no remuneration for the volunteer authors. Blackburn Life may from time to time operate some commercial ventures, but these will operate separately from the news, opinion and comment section of the site. Blackburn Life may also promote local businesses, charities and organisations either on a voluntary or commercial basis.


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